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Ocean Park Realty is Ready to Serve You!

Ocean Park Realty is a for profit business owned by the Ocean Park Association. The agency specializes in Ocean Park vacations on behalf of both property owners and potential renters. We offer single family homes, seasonal cottages, and condominiums located on or near the Atlantic coast's most remarkable 7 mile beach and a Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve.

By offering real estate services (vacation rentals and sales), the Association hopes to continually communicate to owners and renters that Ocean Park is more than just a beach. It's an experience—an experience that has been shared and lovingly remembered by generations of families. With the added value of popular recreation and entertainment programs for all ages, the arts, lectures, and worship in the magnificent 800 seat Temple, Ocean Park continues to be a prime summer destination for the whole family.

Jeff Chute
is proud to represent Ocean Park rental properties and is devoted to assisting you with your vacation rental needs! All sales inquiries and rental reservations must be made and confirmed by calling us at (207) 937-5054 extension 207 or email
Are you considering renting your cottage or condo this summer? Rental demand for the summer is high and OPR is in need of increased inventory.

Maddie Paquette
and Jeff Chute represent Ocean Park sales properties. You can reach Maddie at (207) 937-5054 extension 204 or email Maddie at You can reach Jeff at (207) 934-5054 extension 207 or email

Why not call in and see how Ocean Park Realty can help you reach a large rental market or market your property through our active real estate sales office?

Thank you for choosing Ocean Park Realty. We are here to make your visit one you'll long to repeat for years to come!

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Updated: April 14, 2014